Go! St. Louis

Go St. Louis Marathon 2015 (gostlouis.org/tim parker photo)

Cards to Recognize Marathon Champion

2015 Go St. Louis race winner getting finish line accolades she didn’t receive on race day



TIAM Saturday April 11th

GO!St.Louis, Let’s Go Blues, Woman in Gold, Birthdays and Holidays.


Taken at Forest Park in St. Louis on April 20, 2013 (Twitter/Cory H.)

Unity Run For Boston Bombing Victims

St. Louisans wore their blue and yellow, Saturday, for event at Forest Park.



TIAM Saturday: American Cancer Society, GO! St. Louis Marathon

Dr. Larry Tierney joins the show to discuss the national cancer prevention study by the American Cancer Society. Nancy Leiberman joins the show to discuss the Go! St. Louis Marathon in St. Louis this weekend.


Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

TIAM Weekend: March Brackets, GO! STL & Easter at The Vatican

Brian Kelly talked about Pope Francis’ first Easter Sunday mass and more about the Holy Father with Sabina Castelfranco, CBS Correspondent in Rome.

NewsRadio 1120 KMOX–03/31/2013

TIAM Weekend

TIAM: GO STL, GOP Caucus Fracas & Economic Relapse

Time is running out to register for the GO! St. Louis, there was a bit of a GOP Caucus fracas at Francis Howell North High School & is there a risk for economic relapse?


Arch Sunrise

TIAM: Oil Prices, Oscars & Reading

Oil prices are moving the world’s markets. CBS’ Steve Futterman on the Oscars. Go! St. Louis & reading Dr. Seuss to children.



Charlie Brennan – Friday, April 8th

Charlie talks with Bart Yasso of Runner’s World about tips for safe running and this weekend’s Go! St. Louis Marathon and Family Fitness Weekend, and with Dotty Lynch, CBS News political consultant about a possible gov’t shutdown.



Total Information AM – Wednesday, March 2nd

Jerry Bodlander spoke with us about the current budget battle and whether he thinks the government will shut down, and we heard from writer Amy Chua and Nancy Lieberman from Go! St. Louis.


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