Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (Getty/Joe Raedle)

Nixon Vetoes Bill Limiting Scholarships For Immigrants

Missouri governor said instead of punishing students, state should encourage hard work


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Bills Would Require High School Students to Pass Civics Exam to Graduate

The bills revise current Missouri law that requires high school seniors to take an exam about the U.S. and Missouri Constitutions. Instead, they will take an exam similar to the test taken by naturalized citizens.


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Missouri Bill Requires Check of Employee Resident Status

All Missouri employers would be required to use a federal verification system to check employees’ legal resident status under legislation introduced Monday that’s aimed at curbing the number of immigrants working illegally in the state.


File photo of a person holding a United States passport. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

St. Louis Leaders To Announce Push for Immigrants

A news conference is scheduled for Thursday morning to announce five initiatives aimed at attracting new citizens to St. Louis.


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Driver’s Licenses for Illegals Inching Towards Reality in Illinois

A proposal to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants moved got House committee approval Monday, despite concerns by both Democrats and Republicans whether it went far enough to prevent fraud.



Illegal Immigrant Driver’s License Bill Passes Illinois Senate

A plan that would allow illegal immigrants in Illinois to get drivers’ licenses passed the Illinois Senate Tuesday afternoon, by a vote of 41-14.


File photo of a prison. (Credit: Jodie Coston/Getty Images)

Illegal Immigrant Conspiracy Involves Two Sisters

Two people responsible for several thousand undocumented immigrants in the state will soon be heading to prison.


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Another Try at English Only Driver’s Tests

Rep. Mark Parkinson, who sponsored the measure, said he is trying to bring the license exam law “into line” with the state constitution.


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