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Invest That Tax Refund In Yourself

What is your largest asset? It’s your ability to earn a living!


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Investment Adviser Admits Stealing From Clients

Thirty-four-year-old Greg John Campbell of Ladue pleaded guilty Friday in federal court in St. Louis to two counts of wire fraud.



The Money Show: Inflation Predictions, Good Investments, American Made

It’s The KMOX Money Show with your host, Mike Brown. On today’s show, Mike discusses the predictions of future inflation as well as where you should be investing your money. If you need financial advice, then Mike is here for you. Listen in!

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Complaints Mount on Bogus Investments

The securities division reports some of the top complaints involve offers of promissory notes in exchange for cash, and bogus representations of gold or silver as a safer investment.



Charlie Brennan – Monday, April 4th

Charlie talks with U.S. Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts about his book, “Against All Odds”; with Aaron Hilmer,who is up for re-election as Board Chrmn. of the Mehlville Fire Protection District; and with Larry Swedroe of Buckingham Family of Financial Services about where to invest.


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Special Feature: Investing for Good

Group says socially responsible investing pays off in more than returns



Stuckey Group Founder Sentenced

Randall Stuckey inflated value of clients investments