Jeff Pash

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Seven Teams Have Had Furloughs Or Cuts

If the NFL plays a full season, everybody will be fully reimbursed for lost wages.


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NFL, Locked-out Players Wrap Up Talks for Now

By the time they reconvene in mid-May, the landscape of their discussions could be completely different.


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Goodell: NFL’s CBA Offer Might Not Stay on Table

The Dolphins and four other teams have been fined or been told the NFL is investigating them for violating offseason rules prohibiting contact with players.


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Lead Negotiator Says NFL Proposed 10-Year CBA

The NFL’s lead labor negotiator, Jeff Pash, said that Friday’s proposal contained various new provisions. He said owners offered a 10-year deal.


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Lockout, Decertification Leave NFL in Limbo

“The parties have not achieved an overall agreement, nor have they been able to resolve the strongly held competing positions that separated them on core issues,” mediator George Cohen said.


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NFL, Players Face Expiration of Labor Contract

On Thursday, the union complained that none of the owners met with any of the players on hand.


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Stakes, Tension Rise as NFL Labor Deadline Nears

Even though there were small-group talks between NFL and union representatives on the 15th day of mediation, no one gave any indication that progress was made.


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Most of NFL Owners’ Labor Committee at Mediation

After two extensions, the collective bargaining agreement is now due to expire Friday. If a new deal isn’t reached by then, there could be another extension.


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Union Asked NFL for Full Financial Data in 2009

The NFL proposed this week to provide new financial data, but the union said it wasn’t enough to satisfy the players’ call for full disclosure.


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Goodell: $1 Salary if Work Stoppage

Union chief DeMaurice Smith has predicted the league will lock out the players after the March 4 expiration.



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