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Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, November 12th – Tim Barklage and Kevin Tibbs of Better Life; STL Attys Bevis Schock and Hugh Eastwood; and STL Entrepreneur Matt Crisp

Charlie and Debbie talk with ABC-TV’s “Shark Tank” winners Tim Barklage and Kevin Tibbs; Charlie talks with STL Attys Bevis Schock and Hugh Eastwood about the City of St. Peters assessing penalty points for those with red light camera tickets; and the 32nd in a series on growing entrepreneurism in the STL region with Benson Hill Biosystem’s Matt Crisp.


Credit: CBS Radio St. Louis

Charlie Brennan- Tuesday, November 12th- Tim Barklage & Kevin Tibbs, co-founders of Better Life; Bevis Schock, St. Louis Attorney; Matt Crisp, President & CEO of Benson Hill Biosystems

Tim Barklage & Kevin Tibbs are co-founders of Better Life, a company that sells all-natural cleaning supplies. They were featured on the Friday, November 1st episode of ABC’s reality TV show “Shark Tank.” Bevis Schock, […]


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