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Pacific Leaders Want to Land on Feet with Stray Cat Issue

Officials estimate that up to 400 ownerless cats are in Pacific, strolling streets or making homes in colonies in the fields and woods.


Humane Society of Missouri

37 Kittens Dumped on Interstate—Some Just Days Old

These kittens were all in a plastic dog crate from multiple litters. Some are sick. Some are just 4 days old.


Granite City Kittens

Kittens Abandoned In Duct-Taped Box In Granite City

“There was three boxes behind a dumpster with blue duct tape all around them,” Kandice Koehler with the APA said.


File photo of a person holding a gun. (Photo: Getty Images/Scott Barbour)

Man Accused Of Killing Kittens In Belleville

Terry Roy is charged with felony count of aggravated cruelty to animals.



Bodies Of Dead Kittens Lined Up In Belleville Park

Woman walking her dog made the grisly discovery — seven dead kittens.


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