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Father, Daughter Shot after Leaving White Castle

Police are still looking for suspects—and a motive—in an early morning shooting that left an 11-year-old girl critically injured.



Two Carjackings, Two Accidents, One Dead Overnight

It began, according to police, when a Dodge Charger was carjacked by a suspect carrying a shotgun at Liberty Landing Drive.


Doctor's Office

Kentucky Man Says VA Treatment Caused Frostbitten Penis

Michael Nash, who served in the Army in 1968 and 1969, went to the VA hospital in Lexington for medically necessary surgery on his penis.


United Airlines Computer Glitch Hampers Travel Nationwide

Costlier Holiday Travel Off And Running Across U.S.

“Sacrifice to see the ones you love, that’s what we do,” said John Mahoney, who was driving to visit his mother and sister in St. Louis.



Attorney: Jail Time TakingToll on Eldest Mohler

LEXINGTON, Mo. (AP) __ It’s been 18 months since shocking claims of child molestation at a western Missouri farm more than 20 years ago resulted in the arrests of six members of the Mohler family. […]


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