Marc Magliari

Amtrak 7

Amtrak Work Poses Problems for Cards-Cubs Series

Due to high-speed rail work on the route between St. Louis and Chicago, Amtrak had to make some big changes.


Passengers boarding a St. Louis to Chicago train on November 25, 2012. (KMOX/Brad Choat)

Amtrak Embraces Change From St. Louis to Chicago

High-speed rail and eventually new cars expected on the line.


KMOX/Brad Choat

St. Louis To Kansas City Amtrak In Jeopardy

Spokesman for train service says actions in the U.S. House could force service cuts.



KMOX Auto Show

Guests include Lenny Batycki, formerly with Gateway Raceway, Marc Magliari with Amtrak, and Courtney Force, daughter of John Force.


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