McArthur’s Bakery

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Top Stores In St. Louis For Fourth Of July Paraphernalia

Check out these top five stores in the St. Louis area to get all of your 4th of July needs this Independence Day.



Top Places For Wedding Cakes In St. Louis

Second to the bride, your wedding cake is what guests will remember from your wedding reception, so choose from these top places for wedding cakes in St. Louis.



Top Comfort Food Dishes In St. Louis

Comfort foods — those dishes that soothe jangled nerves with feelings of home and nostalgia — come in many flavors. Here are St. Louis’s best.


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Missouri USO Unveils ‘Pies for Patriots’ Fundraiser

In order to participate, customers simply go to the USO’s website, order an apple, pecan or pumpkin pie from McArthur’s Bakery, and choose a pickup date and location.


Polish Food

Top Polish Food In St. Louis

Discover the top Polish food in St. Louis by visiting a variety of restaurants to select one favorite specialty dish at each location.


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Top Ways To Bring Middle Earth To St. Louis

“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” comes to St. Louis on December 14, 2012. There are some Tolkien fanatics who are anxiously awaiting the event and looking for ways to celebrate this creation of the Middle Earth fantasy. Join the fun, get lost in the magic of the great classic and celebrate Middle Earth in St. Louis.


Located in the up-and-coming Benton Park area, Bittersweet Bakery offers savory pastries, quiche, muffins, bread puddings and more. (Credit:

Best St. Louis Bakeries

When looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, only certain items will do.


Blaine Luetkemeyer

Mark Reardon – Thursday, January 13th

Ed Martin fills in for Mark and talks to Missouri Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer for an update from Washington, and we hear from Heritage VP of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies Kim Holmes, owner of McArthur’s Bakery Randy McArthur, Jesse Irwin of, and Attorney Jane Ducher.


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