Missouri House of Representatives


UPDATE: McCreery Wins Missouri House Seat

Tracy McCreery emerged the victor Tuesday night in a three-way race for a vacant St. Louis County seat in the Missouri House of Representatives.


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Missouri Special Session Tab Reaches Nearly $280,000

The special session began Sept. 6. It’s expected to come to an end soon without passage of its marquee issue overhauling the state’s business incentives.


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Missouri Special Session Reveals GOP Rifts

Despite having more than enough members in the House and Senate to pass anything the party desires, Republicans were unable to pass much of anything during the special session.


Mo Capitol

Lawmakers Battle in Special Session

The session addressed local police control in St. Louis, tax credit reform for a possible China-hub in St. Louis, and changes in legislation regarding natural disasters.


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Missouri Lawmakers Consider Cellphone Tax

Measure would let local governments add a charge of up to 75 cents to cellphone users’ monthly bills to pay for local 911 operations.



Debate Arises Over Employment Discrimination Bills

Under the bills, plaintiffs would have to prove that discrimination was a “motivating factor” rather than a
“contributing” factor in their firing.



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