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Charlie Brennan – Friday, October 28th

Charlie talks baseball with NY Times Sports Columnist Mike Vaccaro, STL Cardinals Broadcaster John Rooney, the Voice of the Washington Nationals Bob Carpenter, ESPN Radio Talk Show Host Randy Galloway, St. Louisan Mary Duggan Leahy who now lives in Dallas, Charlie Gitto of Charlie Gitto’s Restaurant about Downtown baseball business, and Fred Bronstein of the STL Symphony about an upcoming Halloween concert.



Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, August 3rd

STL Cardinals Broadcaster Mike Shannon on Milwaukee Brewers’ Takashi Saito pitch to Albert Pujols that struct his left hand. New York Times’ Ron Nixon on freshmen and Tea Party Respublicans loving their pork spending in their districts, but no one else’s. STL Post-Dipatch Reporter Matt Hathaway on generous salaries and bonuses for STL Science Center executives.


What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Here’s a lovely photo of members of Congress leaving after the vote in the House yesterday.  Is it just me or is the capitol police officer with the rifle just a bit sad? Doug



Joplin – The Before & After Shots

The New York Times created this amazing interactive display of shots taken in Joplin, Missouri.



Prosecutors Build Case Against O’Fallon ex-CIA Employee

Prosecutors allege Jeffrey Sterling was a source for Risen in a book about CIA operations in Iran.


Stan Musial receives his Medal of Freedom on  February 15, 2011 in Washington, DC. (Getty/ Alex Wong)

Stan Musial Has Alzheimer’s

New book claims Musial’s family has kept his condition quiet for about five years.



Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, March 30th

True or false? All French wine comes from Missouri vines. Charlie talks with Joe Pollack, who explains. Charlie also talks about high speed rail from STL to Kansas City, and about how a corporation like G.E. went tax-free last year.


Japan Earthquake

Before & After Photos From Japan – Thursday, March 17th

The New York Times has printed some amazing before and after photographs from Japan.



Downtown Could Become Data Center Hub, ‘NYT’ Says

Helping the growth, relatively cheap electricity and downtown’s easy access to fiber optic hackhaul.


CIA officer accused of leak faces court hearing

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A former CIA officer faces a detention hearing Monday in St. Louis.




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