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November election


High Court Reviews Mo. Ballot Initiatives

Initiatives include whether to raise the minimum wage, increase tobacco taxes and limit interest rates on payday loans.


Republican Senate hopeful John Brunner, CEO of Vi-Jon

Brunner Picks Up U.S. Chamber Endorsement for Senate

The chamber said Tuesday it’s backing Brunner because his private-sector experience in cutting spending and balancing a budget.


Union Workers 1, Getty Images, photo by Justin Sullivan

Anti Union Business Group Centers on Elections

The “Coalition to Protect Missouri Jobs,” opposes union organizers access to the phone numbers and email addresses of employees at specific companies



Federal Lawsuit Dropped on Redrawn Senate Districts

Dismissal of the federal lawsuit brings some clarity to a chaotic redistricting process just two weeks before the deadline for candidates to file for this year’s elections.


Getty Images

Times Up, But is it for Missouri Politicans

Initially they had decided on bumping term limits up to 12 years in each chamber but decided four more would be better.


Obama And McCaskill

McCaskill MIA at Obama Fundraiser

Does she stand beside Obama, or does she separate herself on the theory that she stands a better chance of winning on her own?