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Study: Pre-School Obesity Declining

Obesity has declined among pre-schoolers according to a new government study and that has a St. Louis University pediatrician pleased.


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Report: Fast Food Giants Still Targeting Children

Marlene Schwartz with the Yale-Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity says parents might just give in because they simply feel overwhelmed by the constant bombardment on TV and at the restaurant.


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Local OB/GYN Discusses Big Baby Boom

“I used to say patients’ average-sized babies [were] about 7.5 pounds and I now say it’s upper sevens or eight-ish,” says Dr. Michael Boyd, Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Mercy Hospital.


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Obseity: Lifestyle Problem to Disease

The American Medical Association classified obesity as a disease, which could lead to more insurance coverage of bariatric surgery and weight loss medications.



Local Company Aids in Weight Loss Drug Testing

Belviq is the first new drug approved for weight loss in over a decade. It is a pill that tricks the brain into thinking it is full, causing users to eat less.


SLU Study Recommends Losing Weight Between Pregnancies

Women who lost weight between their pregnancies had a lower risk of having a large baby in the subsequent pregnancy, making the child less susceptible to some diseases.


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American Cancer Society Seeks St. Louisans For Study

The goal is to gain insight into more of the environmental and lifestyle factors that contribute to cancer.


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Study: 27% of Missourians Are Obese

New national obesity numbers are out, and once again, Missourians tip the scale a little bit more than Illinoisans.


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Study: Fit Children Perform Better In School

According to a new study, kids who exercise more do better in school.



Advocates: Obesity Rates in Illinois and 38 Other States to Pass 50 Percent

A group campaigning against obesity predicts that by 2030 more than half the people in Illinois and 38 other states will be obese not merely overweight.




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