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After Late-Night Filibuster, Mo. Senate Ready to Move on Tax Overhaul

The measure would decrease both corporate and personal income tax rates in phases over the next 10 years.


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Missouri House Endorses Photo ID Requirement for Voting

The idea has been debated for several years in Missouri, generally splitting along partisan lines.



Missouri House Panel Adopts Voter Photo ID Requirement

The House Elections Committee approved a state constitutional amendment that would ask voters whether to allow the photo ID requirement.


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Illinois Democrats To Voters: Don’t Have Your Vote Suppressed

“If you are asked for a photo ID, it’s not required, but do not leave your precinct if you’re asked for that,” State Sen. Terry Link said.


Illinois FOID Card

Illinois Amish Want Non-Photo FOID Card

The Amish in Illinois want to legally own guns while standing by their religious objection to being photographed.


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Judge Strikes Down Missouri’s Photo ID Ballot Measure

That measure would have appeared on the November 6th general election ballot.


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Controversy Continues Over Voter ID Bill

The fight continues over whether voter fraud is a problem in Missouri.



Missouri Republican Proposes Photo ID Requirement for Voters

The measure would requirement voters to show a photo ID at the polls before voting.



Photo ID for Voters Returns to Senate

The legislation would require voters to show a government-issued photo ID to cast ballots.



Mo. House Panel Approves Photo ID, Early Voting

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A Missouri House committee has endorsed a pair of measures that could allow voters to cast ballots before Election Day and be required to show a photo ID at the […]


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