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Wi-Fi User Downloads Porn at South St. Louis Bar

Businesses may soon have to watch their free Wi-Fi services after someone at a South St. Louis bar downloaded hard core pornography.


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Advocate on Military’s Porn Decision: ‘Hardly Leadership’

Phillip Cosby, State Director for the American Family Association of Kansas and Missouri, says profit margin shouldn’t be a motive for pulling porn off the shelves.


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St. Louis Taxicab Commission Bans Pornography in Cabs

“It was all women in different situations touching themselves and, you know, nudity,” a woman, who asked to be identified as “Renee,” said of a video she saw.


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Woman Says St. Louis Taxi Played Pornographic Video

A woman complained recently that a taxi was playing a pornographic video while sitting in front of her at a stop light.


Johnnie Lewis

Man Caught Downloading Child Porn In Jefferson College Library

Porn images found in restroom trash.



Collinsville Man Faces Lengthy Prison Term For Child Porn

Eric Filebark caught in federal online sting.


East Alton Man Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Charges

A forensic review of his computer found more than a thousand illegal videos.


Child porn charges

Granite City Man Gets Lengthy Prison Term For Child Porn

Downloaded images from internet onto his home computer.



Federal Trial For Priest Set For Summer 2012

Rev. Shawn F. Ratigan faces child pornography charges.


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Limiting Porno Shops in Missouri’s Capitol

A group of opponents is preparing to circulate a petition to amend the city’s ordinance on adult-oriented businesses.



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