Stockley Verdict Leads to Holiday Shopping BoycottsWith the holiday shopping season approaching, boycotts are planned across the St. Louis region.
Police Sergeant to Testify in ACLU TrialA St. Louis police sergeant who helped shape the department's on-the-ground response to Stockley protesters is scheduled to take the witness stand in federal court.
Police Overtime Grows, St. Louis Hopes the State Will Step InThe cost of police overtime to respond to Stockley verdict protesters continues to mount in St. Louis city and county.
City Hall Hears Complaints Against Police TacticsSt. Louis police tactics with Stockley protesters come under fire at a public hearing at city hall.
Protestors Shut Down Busy Hampton/Chippewa IntersectionNearby businesses forced to temporarily lock up, fulfilling "No justice, no profits" chant.
Police Arrest Over 100 Protesters on Interstate 64After several previous attempts failed, Stockley protesters scored a major coup last night they shut down an interstate.
ACLU Files 2nd Suit Regarding Police Handling of ProtestersThis one stems from incidents in 2015 after the police shooting of drug suspect Mansur Ball-Bey.
Filmmaker Claims Trauma After Kettling Incident at ProtestA Kansas City film-maker who went to law school at St. Louis University is suing the city of Saint Louis over "kettling" at protests.
Alderman Proposes Resolution Honoring PoliceA resolution honoring St. Louis police for their work in the wake of the Stockley verdict comes before the board of aldermen this Friday.
Filmmakers Suing St. Louis Over Protest ArrestsTwo documentary film makers are suing the city of St. Louis and three police officers over their arrest and treatment during protests two weeks ago.
Marchers Swing Past Busch Stadium During Latest ProtestBarriers kept them out of the stadium, and effort to block I-64 was turned back.
East St. Louis Fights for Amazon HeadquartersEast St. Louis catches Amazon fever, hoping to figure prominently in the regional pitch to woo retail giant here.

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