Red Light Camera

Red light camera warning sign, downtown St. Louis (KMOX)

Voters Could Weigh In on Red Light Cameras

Supporters of the ban say red light cameras are used by cities to generate revenue, and there is limited evidence on whether they improve safety.


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Motorists Able to Apply for Money Back on Red Light Camera Tickets

If you’re wondering whether that postcard you got in the mail about a class action settlement on red light cameras is legit – it is.



Settlement Reached In Traffic Camera Lawsuits

Cases against American Traffic Solutions involved some in St. Louis & suburbs


Red Light crash

Missouri Supreme Court Asked to ‘Clarify’ Red Light Camera Laws

Missouri Municipal League says appeals court rulings have been inconsistent.


red light camera

Former Sen. Lembke Optimistic About Red Light Camera Ban

“These aren’t about safety. These are about bringing in moneys to the coffers of these small municipalities and they’re just balancing their budgets on the backs of taxpayers”


red light camera

138K Unpaid Red Light Camera Tickets, $14M in Fines

“We’ve always had a fair number of deadbeats from these red light camera violations,” St. Louis Director of Operations Eddie Roth says.


red light camera

Court Upholds St. Louis Red Light Camera Law

KMOX news has learned the red light camera law for the city of St. Louis has been upheld up the Court of Appeals.


Photo: KMOX

Red Light Cameras Ruled Unlawful

The issue could still go to the supreme court.



Funding Missouri Schools with Red Light Cameras

“Don’t put in speed cameras or red light cameras to raise revenue. It’s a hidden form of revenue that I think is unconstitutional and unfair.”


Photo: KMOX

Mo. Senator Wants Schools to Get Red Light Camera Money

The Missouri Municipal League is opposing the legislation.


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