Rev. Shawn Ratigan


KC Diocese Worker: ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ a Mistake

The diocese’s computer director Julie Creech made the comments during a deposition earlier this month in a civil lawsuit.


Rev. Shawn Ratigan

More Evidence Coming in Pedophile Priest Case

The Rev. Shawn Ratigan is scheduled to go to trial next month on 13 counts of sexually exploiting children.


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Prosecutors Suggest ‘Uncharged Crimes’ By Priest

The 46-year-old priest also faces three state charges of possessing child pornography.


Kansas City-St. Peters Catholic Diocese

KC Diocese Ordered to Turn Over Documents

Prosecutors want information about the diocese’s investigation into past reports of priests accused of abusing children.



New Charge Sought Against KC Bishop, Diocese

Jackson County prosecutors are asking a judge to add a second misdemeanor charge.


justice scales

KC Roman Catholic Bishop Back in Court

Bishop Robert Finn is the highest-ranking U.S. Catholic official to be accused of shielding an abusive priest, and a conviction could send shock waves through a church hierarchy.


Kansas City Catholic Diocese

KC Diocese Spends over a Million on Sex Abuse Cases

Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese spent more than $1 million over a four-month stretch last year in connection with priest sexual abuse cases.


Kansas City Catholic Diocese

KC Bishop Makes Deal with Prosecutors

The agreement requires the bishop to report directly to the prosecutor monthly to apprise him of any reported abuse activities involving minors throughout the diocese’s Clay County facilities.



Federal Trial For Priest Set For Summer 2012

Rev. Shawn F. Ratigan faces child pornography charges.


Priest porn

Feds Want Life for Pedophile Priest

Prosecutors disclosed their sentencing goals Thursday in a motion asking that the Rev. Shawn Ratigan remain in jail until his trial.



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