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Rick Stream. Photo courtesy of Team Rick Stream.

St. Louis County Executive Recount Begins

Rick Stream gets his recount today, but will it be enough for him to seize the St. Louis County Executive seat?


Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Extraordinary Run on Paper Ballots in St. Louis County

The high demand for paper ballots is the result of candidates telling their constituents to vote by using the paper ballots only.


St. Louis County to Purge Voter Rolls

Dead people and dogs have shown up on voter rolls in other parts of the metropolitan area, but St. Louis County Director of Elections Rita Days says that won’t happen in St. Louis County.


St. Louis Gateway Arch

Legal Challenge Looming if Arch Tax Passes

Opponents of Prop P in St. Louis City and County say the ballot language falsely implies St. Charles County could share in the burden.


Cards AllStars, UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Total Information PM: August Primaries & Tom Ackerman At The All-Star Game

Rita Days explains what we need to know about the August primaries and Tom Ackerman catches up with David Freese.


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