Robert Hyland

Lonogtime KMOX engineer Paul Grundhauser recalls early days at the station

Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — The Grundhauser Effect

Today, noted scientist and KMOX engineer Paul Grundhauser announces his retirement and tells a few stories of days gone by…


Robert Hyland's conference table carried out of One Memorial Drive on its way to the new KMOX building at 1220 Olive.

Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — KMOX Leaves One Memorial Drive

Today, Kevin describes the packing up and leaving from the KMOX building at One Memorial Drive…


Jack Buck interviews Eleanor Roosevelt during the "At Your Service" program

LISTEN: Jack Buck Introduces First “At Your Service” Program On KMOX

When Robert Hyland created the first full time talk radio format in all of broadcasting, Jack played a major role. It was his idea to call it “At Your Service” and Jack hosted the first program.


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