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Special Report: Children for Sale – Part Four

About 5 years ago, Kimberly Ritter was asked by a group to find them a hotel that took a stand against trafficking. “When they said child sex trafficking, I had no idea what it was. I thought it was something that happened in a third world country.”


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Special Report: Children for Sale – Part Three

Federal officials estimate there are hundreds of thousands of victims of child sex trafficking in the United States. Many forced into it as teenagers.


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Special Report: Children for Sale – Part Two

In July the FBI and other agencies brought down 150 pimps in this country’s largest sex trafficking sting. Who are these victims? And how did they end up captives of the sex trade?


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Strip Club Industry Takes on Human Trafficking

This Thursday about 75 dancers, waitresses, bartenders and club owners will undergo training on how to spot victims and sex traffickers.


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Special Report: Children for Sale – Part One

Experts suspect that across the St. Louis region, countless children are being held against their will — forced into the sex trade.


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St. Louisan Heads to Ethiopia to Help Rescue Girls from Sex Trafficking

Founder Pat Bradley says they are hoping to rescue nearly two dozen girls in Ethiopia’s Red Light district.


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Breckenridge Hills Man Sentenced on Sex Trafficking Charges

The federal prosecutor in St. Louis said Tuesday in a release that 26-year-old Carl Mathews was sentenced to 10 years in prison for forcing two women into prostitution.


St. Charles Co. Couple Accused of Running Sex Ring

A man and his girlfriend are hiding from the law after being charged with sex trafficking and promoting prostitution.


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St. Louis-Area Man Accused of Enticing Teens into Prostitution

Police say on April 15th Morris lured a 16-year-old girl into prostitution via the internet.


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St. Louis-Area Man Guilty Of Sex Trafficking

A St. Louis County man has pleaded guilty to sex trafficking for forcing two women into prostitution, including a mentally disabled woman.




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