shots fired

Gregory K. Nelson Photo/Illinois StatePolice

UPDATE: Illinois State Police Accuse Man of Shooting at Trooper

Suspect pulled weapon after trooper noticed bulge in his pants.


File photo of a police car. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Person Wanted After Shots Fired Near MetroLink Station Sunday Night

One person was arrested and another is wanted by police after shots were fired into a large crowd of people near the MetroLink station in the Delmar Loop.


File photo of a police car. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Six Arrested at Burned-Out Beauty Store in Ferguson

Police say the suspects were hiding in the basement when they were arrested Tuesday night.



Shots Fired Near Ferguson Soccer Game

Youth players, parents startled, but not injured


File photo of a police car. (credit: Comstock/Thinkstock)

Shots Fired in Road Rage Dispute

One car bumped into another in a shopping center parking lot, and the driver was then chased by the family in that car.



Dozens Involved in Neighborhood Fight

A neighborhood brawl concerns neighbors that the incidents will only grow worse as the summer approaches.


Photo: KMOX

St. Louis Police Fire Shots on Burglary Call

No officers injured. Suspects got away.


Shots Fired in Bridgeton, Three Homes Hit

Authorities say they responded to a call before 9 a.m Tuesday, in the 11200 block of Old Saint Charles Rock Road.


Annie Malone parade

Annie Malone Looks for Volunteers to Ensure Safety of Parade

Past reports of “shots fired” cast shadow over major charity fundraiser


Police interviewing witnesses of a shooting along the Delmar Loop on Saturday, March 31st, 2012. (KMOX/Michael Calhoun)

Big Brawl, Double Shooting on Delmar Loop

A large fight was followed up by a barrage of gunfire in the heart of the Delmar Loop entertainment district late Saturday.


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