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SSM Health: New Hospital Coming to South Grand

A new hospital will be constructed along South Grand south of Chouteau, replacing the current Saint Louis University hospital.

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New Study Shows Effectiveness of Mammograms

An expert panel finds mammograms are most beneficial for women between the ages of 50 and 74.



Carol Daniel at Macy’s

Carol Daniel and the KMOX Mighty Mox Street Team paired up with the nurses from SLU Hospital at the Galleria Mall last Saturday, February 7th. The Nurses from SLU were offering free heart health screenings and help to […]

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Chemo Drug Extends Life of Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer

A cheap chemotherapy drug tested in St. Louis has been found to extend life for more than a year for men with whose prostate cancer has spread.


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MERS Virus: How Worried Should We Be?

CBS News Medical Contributor Dr. Holly Phillips says it’s not something to worry about on the day-to-day.


Dick Cheney

Much Has Changed in Heart Disease Treatment During Cheney’s Battle

Two decades ago, 30 percent of heart attack patients died. Today, that figure is around four percent.


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Emergency Room ‘Frequent Fliers’ Costing Time, Money

“For example, asthmatics who don’t have a good primary care home, they’ll come to the ED every time they have a flareup because they just ran out of their medications”


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Millions Receiving Antibiotic-Resistant Illnesses

“Antibiotics, when they’re used appropriately, are life-saving drugs but when they’re used inappropriately that’s when we run into the problems,” SLU physician Nirav Patel says.


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Study Finds Mediterranean Diet Is Heart Friendly

The study found that people who eat a Mediterranean diet have a 30 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease than those who follow a low-fat diet.



Local Specialists Keeping An Eye On Deadly Coronavirus

The mysterious SARS-like illness has now killed six of the twelve people who have been diagnosed with it worldwide.



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