South Africa

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Chimp-Attack Victim From St. Louis Throws First Pitch

Andrew Oberle was almost killed 3 years ago by Chimpanzees he was studying in South Africa.



In Downtown St. Louis, A Bell Tolls For Mandela

The 5,732 pound bell atop Christ Church Cathedral in downtown St. Louis tolled 95 times, once for each of the South African leader’s years on Earth.


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Golden Coins Found In Illinois Salvation Army Kettles

One was a Double Eagle gold coin worth about $1,730. The one-ounce coin was enclosed in a clear plastic sleeve and wrapped in a 1,000 Yen bill.


A group of bonobo play together at the Belgium's Planckendael zoo on August 18, 2011. A female bonobo has been labelled the planet's "smartest ape" after beating chimpanzees distracted by male rivalries, in a contest organised by Belgian zoos.  Planckendael Zoo put its bonobos up against Antwerp Zoo's chimps earlier this month, just as the latest incarnation of the Planet of the Apes movies was to hit big screens thw world over. A series of tests saw the apes challenged, for instance, to extract nuts or oranges from hiding places using branches, said Jeroen Stevens, primatologist with the Royal Society of Zoo-ology of Antwerp, which runs the two Flemish zoos.   AFP PHOTO / GEORGES GOBET

St. Louisan Mauled by Chimps Coming Home

Andrew Oberle is expected to be transferred from a hospital in South Africa to Saint Louis University Hospital next week.



Family Gets First Look At St. Louis Chimp Attack Victim

Andrew Oberle being moved to a medical center in Johannesburg today.



S.Africa: St. Louis Native Attacked By Chimp Improves

Doctors are reporting improvement in the condition of a St. Louis native attacked by chimps in South Africa.



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Gov. Quinn Headed to Washington Pushing Exports

Governor Pat Quinn will meet with the president of Brazil and nine governors from Brazil.


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