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Facebook Tracking Drought in Missouri

The University of Missouri Extension is encouraging people and groups to post on a Facebook page devoted to the drought.


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Illinois to Provide Help to Drought Stricken Farmers

It’s the sixth driest year on record in Illinois and much of the state’s corn and soybean crop is suffering.


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Illinois Farmers Past The Point of No Return

Central Illinois crop insurance agent Rustin Godfrey says he’s been on the phone almost constantly with clients.


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Illinois Farmers Watching the Sky for Rain

Much of the corn crop could be past the point of no return, says Mark Schleusener with the USDA..


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Could be More than Knee High by the 4th of July

Weather conditions around Illinois and Missouri last week were nearly perfect for planting.


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Military and Commerical Jets on a Diet of Biofuel?

Boeing supports the efforts and says their commercial jets can handle the green fuel and actually are more efficient when burning the blended fuel.



Weather Impacts Missouri Corn Harvest

Jim Jarman also says there are similar pollination problems for soybeans, as well as potential grass hopper damage and livestock health issues.



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