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speed limit 70

Bill Would Raise Missouri’s Rural Highway Speed Limit

Rep. Mike Kelley wants to raise the maximum speed limit to 75 mph in rural parts of the state. The state’s current limit is 70 mph.


speed limit 70

Madison, St. Clair Counties Could Opt Out of Higher Speed Limit

The law states that counties in more urban areas have the choice to opt out altogether, or pick and choose which highways to let vehicles go faster.


speed limit 70

Illinois Gov. Signs 70 MPH Speed Limit for Rural Highways

It’s won’t be long before Illinois drivers will be able to get where they’re going a little faster.


speed limit 70

Illinois Department of Transportation Opposes 70 MPH Speed Limit

The speed limit in Wisconsin is 65, but it’s 70 in all other states adjacent to Illinois.


speed limit 70

IDOT Secretary Doesn’t Support 70 mph Speed Limit

The Illinois Senate approved a measure 41-6 last week raising the speed limit from 65 mph to 70 mph. The bill awaits a House vote.



I-270 Advisory Speeds Begin TODAY

Changing advisory speeds caution motorists of slowed traffic ahead.



Variable Speed Limit Signs to Become ‘Advisory’

Traditional signs will set enforceable speed limit at 60 mph


Mandatory jail for excessive speeding in Illinois

SPRINGFIELD, Il.  (Illinois Radio Network) A new law that takes effect this week makes it impossible for excessive speeders to escape punishment.


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