St. Louis Attorney Jane Dueker

Ferguson Walmart Protests

The Reardon Roundtable: Jane Dueker, John Gaskin, and Chris Goodson

On a special, Post-Thanksgiving edition of the Reardon Roundtable, local attorney Jane Dueker, local businessman and former St. Louis Police Board Chair Chris Goodson, and local community activist John Gaskin join Mark to discuss this […]


Hancock & Kelley – Thursday, August 1st – Undercover Sex Against Crimes Detective; Lyda Krewson; Student Transfers with Chris Nicastro; and Att’y Jane Dueker

John and Michael talk with Sgt. Adam Kavanaugh, STL County Undercover Crimes Against Children Cop; with STL Alderwoman Lyda Krewson about street performers; with Mo. Commission of Education Chris NiCastro about student transfers; and with Att’y Jane Dueker about services for unsustainable producers in STL.


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