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139 People Murdered in St. Louis to DateThe victim has not been identified.
St. Louis City's Gets a Downgrade From MoodyMoody's Attributes It to City's weak socioeconomic profile
Downtown STL Inc. Argues Against Slay's Minimum Wage Increase in CitySt. Louis Board of Aldermen host a public hearing tonight at 5:30 p.m. about Mayor Slay's proposed Minimum wage increase.
St. Louis Judges Give Felons Probation in 61 Percent of CasesNew numbers obtained by KMOX reveal how often it's happening in St. Louis City.
Numina Sensor to Detect Real Time DataA new device developed in St. Louis that can provide real time data.
MoDOT Engineer Calls Gravois Meeting 'Grandstanding'It began with people with questions and MoDOT's Deanna Venker with answers. But as the opinions came out, she retreated to the back of the room and said she'd speak with people individually.
Soft Gun Crime Sentences has Attention of State Prosecutors GroupA statewide proseuctors group is weighing in a report that 62 percent of the gun cases before judges in St. Louis are resulting in probation.
MetroLink Beating Prompts Increase in Police PatrolIn the wake of a recorded beating of a man on a MetroLink train, efforts are underway to increase security on the light rail system.
St. Louis Aldermen Fight Over Subpoena Power for Police Oversight BoardThe Aldermanic Public Safety Committee did not take testimony from the crowd, and police union official Jeff Roorda was not in attendance.
St. Louis Mayor, Police Chief Struggle for Solutions After Night of Killings"Life has changed in the St. Louis region, and I think, throughout the entire country since Ferguson," Slay says. "What's happened here has been horrendous."
Protesters March On Hall Street Work HouseOrganizer says conditions at city-run facility are deplorable.
Latest St. Louis City Crime Report Shows Worrisome TrendsThe murder rate continues its dramatic rise in the city of St. Louis in the latest crime report.
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