St. Louis police

Motorcylists prepare for 2013 Ride of the Century in downtown St. Louis on September 1, 2013 (KMOX/Brad Choat)

Cops Curb Stuntriders

Riders told KMOX police were checking for drivers licenses and proof of insurance before Sunday’s big event.



Double Shooting Leaves One Dead in St. Louis

Police chief says investigators aren’t getting much cooperation from victims and witnesses.


St. Louis Police

Police Transition Committee Meets For First Time

After more than a century-and-a-half of state control, St. Louis will regain oversight of its own police department starting Sept. 1.


St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson

Police Chief Urges Officers to Load Up — on Empathy

It’s a common problem for police to come upon the scene of a shooting and have difficulty establishing rapport and trust with the people they are trying to serve.


St. Louis Police

St. Louis Policeman Shoots, Injures Unarmed Man

Police say an officer patrolling the area saw two men he recognized from past encounters. One of the men ran and the officer chased him.


St. Louis Police

Murder on Neosho

St. Louis police say victim was shot dead in parked car.



St. Louis Officer Hit by Ricocheting Bullet

Police say the officers were investigating a theft in the 3700 block of Keokuk Street in south St. Louis when they were approached by an aggressive dog.


Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Officer Injured in North St. Louis Accident

Three officers were in the car when it lost control around 9 p.m. and crashed into a building on Farlin and Fair.


KMOX Breaking News

Murder-Suicide In South St. Louis

3 bodies found inside a building on Tennessee Ave. Saturday morning.


Cary Ball Sr. and Toni Taylor file suit after police shot and killed their son, Cary Ball Jr. (KMOX/Kevin Killeen)

Wrongful Death Suit Claims St. Louis Police Killed “Unarmed” Man

Cary Ball Junior was shot and killed downtown by police April 24th, following a car chase, crash and foot pursuit.