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St. Louis County Developer Speaks Up in Support of TIF

Developer Jim Sansone, principal at the Sansone Group, is speaking up in support of tax breaks for big developers to keep building strip malls in St. Louis County.


Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri. Photo: Getty Images,  Jordan McAlister

Capitol Perspectives: Tax Cut Tactics

The history of the tax-cut fight between Gov. Nixon and the legislature raises questions of hidden tactics at play.


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Mo. Senate Bills Could Raise Tax Revenue

Analysis: Peak expected to reach $355 million in 2016, then dip to $118 million in 2019.



Missouri Revenues Ahead of Projections, Up 3.4 %

Missouri’s tax revenues are running a little ahead of projections heading into the final month of the state budget year.



Are Politicans Getting the Message

Illinois House Minority Leader Tom Cross says politicians have made careers out of telling people good news and giving them gifts.


Illinois State Map

Illinois Tax Revenues Up

Overall, the state raked in $30.49 billion in revenue, thanks in part to personal and corporate income tax increases.


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