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Mo. Teacher Tenure Amendment Fails

Amendment 3, aka Teach Great, was financed by Rex Sinquefield


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Missouri Teacher Tenure Could Change to Performance Standards

The amendment would forgo teacher tenure in favor of performance evaluations. Grades would determine standards for pay and dismissals for Missouri teachers.


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Lawsuit Challenges Missouri Teacher Tenure Limits

A new lawsuit seeks to block the public from voting on a proposed constitutional amendment that would limit tenure protections for public school teachers.


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Teacher Tenure at Stake for November Ballot

If 270,000 petitions are approved by the November Ballot, teacher tenure in Missouri could be eliminated.


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Missouri Auditor Wants Education Agency Documents

Tom Schweich has sent a letter to Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro seeking documents related to an initiative petition affecting teacher tenure.


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State Senate Filibuster Over Teacher Tenure Bill

Sen. Cunningham’s bill would require teachers to work for ten years, instead of five, to get tenure.


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Missouri Senate OKs Teacher Tenure Legislation Requiring More Work To Earn Tenure

Many of Missouri’s public school teachers would need to work longer before getting tenure under legislation endorsed by the state Senate.


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UPDATE: Teacher Tenure Remains Intact

The vote to maintain Missouri’s current tenure system comes one day after the Senate punted on an attempt to address the unaccredited school district in St. Louis.


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Bill To Change School Funding and Teacher Tenure

The main portion of the bill is focused on dealing with the unaccredited metropolitan districts in St. Louis and Kansas City, but some think the changes would affect schools throughout Missouri.


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Mo. Omnibus Education Bill Moves Forward

“I would argue that the bill may, in fact, help students in St. Louis and in Kansas City, but it is broadsweeping throughout the state.”



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