Chesterfield Bans Texting While Driving

No more texting while driving in Chesterfield – the city council unanimously passed an ordinance Monday night prohibiting all texting and driving in city limits.


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Illinois: Cell Phone Driving Ban Takes Effect Jan 1st

With the New Year comes Illinois’ new ban on using hand-held electronic devices behind the wheel.



City of Manchester Outlaws Texting While Driving

Mayor David Willson says he has seen enough: and says he experienced a perfect example on Saturday morning on Route 141.


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St. Louis-Area Town Plans to Ban Texting While Driving

The City of Manchester is set to pass a proposal tonight that would ban texting while driving for all motorists. In Missouri, only drivers under the age of 22 are not allowed to text and drive.



Quinn Signs Bills Banning Hand-Held Phones in Cars

Gov. Pat Quinn signed legislation Friday aimed at reducing distracted driving. It requires motorists to use speakerphones or headsets that allow for one-digit or audio dialing.



Missouri’s Texting-While-Driving Law Seldom Enforced

St. Louis County issued only one texting-while-driving ticket in 2012 while statewide just 70 tickets were issued.


The Aug. 26, 2011, accident near Mosby, Mo., which killed four people, appears to be the first fatal commercial aircraft accident investigated by the board in which texting has been implicated. (Photo by Phil Mislinski/Getty Images)

NTSB Probes First Fatal Commercial Air Crash Implicating Texting Pilot

Evidence gathered in an investigation of a fatal medical helicopter crash has raised questions about whether the pilot was distracted by personal text messages when he failed to refuel the helicopter before taking off and misjudged how far the aircraft could fly without more fuel.



Adults Text More Than Teens While Behind the Wheel, Study Says

Survey sponsor AT&T is calling on employers to help end texting while driving during National Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April.



Mo. Texting While Driving Law Nabs Few Violators

The Columbia Missourian reports that an average of fewer than four people a month have received texting-while-driving tickets since the law was passed.


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New Illinois System Will Text Crime Victims The Status of Offenders

The system provides notices that allow registered users to track an offender’s custody and court case status, including alerts when an offender is released.