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Missouri, Illinois Conducting Voter Purges

A nearly nationwide effort is underway to conduct large data matching efforts designed to identify duplicate and deceased voter registrations.



New Voting System In St. Clair County Gets “Two Thumbs Up”

The new voter system in St. Clair County had a test run during Tuesday’s election.


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St. Clair County Invokes Election Monitoring System

For the first time, voters concerned about any problems they run into will have a chance to report them directly to election officials.


St. Clair County clerk Bob Delaney submitted his resignation Tuesday evening after 34 years in public service.

More Victims May Come Forward Against St. Clair County Clerk

An investigative report revealed dozens of claims of inappropriate behavior by Bob Delaney, including allegations that he told one female employee they should have sex.


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Animal Welfare Advocate Says Shelters Are Full

Rescue groups working in Illinois want to be able to spay or neuter stray dogs then put them back on the streets.


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