Tom Kloza


Total Information PM: Eric Greitens Of The Mission Continues

Eric Greitens is the founder of The Mission Continues. He discusses the upcoming gala.



Total Information PM: Mark On Movies

Paul Hall of Common Guy Films joins Mark Reardon to review “Star Trek: Into Darkness.”


US Postal Service

Total Information PM: No Mail On Saturday & Gras Prices

Beginning in August, there will no longer be regular Saturday mail delivery. We get reaction from Art Sackler, head of the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, February 22nd

Charlie discusses the protests in Wisconsin’s state capital over possible retirement/pension benefits changes for public workers, talks with Aftab Borka in Pakistan, with Jim Winkleman of Blue Ocean Portfolios about what business you need to take care of before a medical check-up, and with Oil Analyst Tom Kloza about how the upheaval in the Mid East is affecting oil prices.


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