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TIAM: 401K Changes; To Eat Fish or Not to Eat? And What’s Good on TV?

Changes to your 401K. Fish is good for you, but it is polluted with mercury. Matt Roush of TV Guide tells us what he saw at the annual summer critics’ press tour.



TIAM: We’re Off To Iowa, Learn About Fracking, Meet Jacob “Hops” Tucker & TV Guide’s Matt Roush

Tonight is the night for the Iowa caucuses. Fracking and earthquakes. Jacob “Hops” Tucker stopped by.



TIAM: What Now For NASA? Internet Sales Tax, TV Guide

What now for NASA? Space dot com’s Tariq Malik talked with us. Internet sales taxes. Will we see one in Missouri? How about bringing back the manufacturing base in the USA? And TV Guide’s Matt Roush had some Emmy talk with us.



Total Information AM – Tuesday, April 19th

Wes Brown on the N.W.S. spoke with us about the wild outbreaks of severe weather we’ve seen so far this spring.

Match dot com is being sued for not doing background checks. Jayne Hitchcock doesn’t have much sympathy for them.

TV Guide’s Matt Roush talked about American Idol, Dr. Who and more.


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Total Information AM – Tuesday, April 12th

150 years ago today the U.S. Civil War broke out. Kevin Killeen looks into what roll St. Louis played in that terrible conflict, and we hear from Louisiana Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne and TV Guide’s Matt Roush.



Total Information AM – Tuesday, March 22nd

It’s World Water Day so we decided to speak with Ocean Conservancy President & CEO Vikki Spruill. We spoke with CBS’ Jeff McCausland about that downed F-15E in Libya. Gary Busey spoke with Doug about surfing and being on Celebrity Apprentice. And, is Charlie Sheen going back to CBS? TV Guide’s Matt Roush has some thoughts on that.



Total Information AM – Tuesday, March 15th

Lou Dobbs spoke with us about the Nikkei stock market. What if JFK hadn’t been killed? That’s just one of the stories CBS’ Jeff Greenfield writes about in his new book.


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Total Information AM – Wednesday, March 9th

We talked about collective bargaining, the stock market and whether Charlie Sheen is crazy or crazy like a fox on TIAM Today.


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Total Information AM – Tuesday, February 22nd

We talk with KMOX Capitol Correspondent Phil Brooks about Governor Jay Nixon’s air travel and who is paying the bills, and we hear from Dr. Paul Offit about vaccinations and TV Guide’s Matt Roush.


John Cochran V.A. Medical Center (Photo: UPI/Bill Greenblatt)

Total Information AM – Tuesday, February 8th

U.S. Representative Russ Carnahan is upset with what appears to be another problem with improperly sterilized items at the John Cochran V.A. Medical Center, and we hear from the man who coined the phrase “population bomb,” Professor Paul Ehrlich spoke with us about what he thinks is the next big threat to planet Earth.



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