U.S. Navy

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus takes photos with sailors after a naming ceremony of the next littoral combat ship, LCS 19, the St. Louis at Soldiers Memorial Military Museum, in St. Louis on April 17, 2015  Photo by Bill Greenblatt/UPI

Navy Welcomes the U.S.S. St. Louis

New patrol combat ship can be used for submarine warfare, mine warfare, and more



Charlie Brennan – Thursday, May 1st – Ill. Att’y General Lisa Madigan; Ryan Williams; Chief Jason Null

Charlie with Ill. Att’y General Lisa Madigan; with Actor Ryan Williams; and with Chief Jason Null, U.S. Navy, in St. Louis this week for 2014 Navy Week.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, April 29th – Navy Week with Petty Officer Daniel McCluskey; STL Taxicab Driver Give His Two Cents on Lyft; NY Resident Michael Naess on Airbnb; STL Entrepreneur Ryan Bell

Charlie talks with Navy Petty Officer Daniel McCluskey; Charlie and Debbie talk with “Basil”, member of the STL Metropolitan Taxi Cab Commission about Lyft; Michael Naess on AIRbnb; and with STL Entrepreneur Ryan Bell, founder of Gremln.



Charlie Brennan – Monday, April 28th – Does L.A. Clippers Owner Donald Sterling need to go?; U.S. Navy Week with Lt. Andrew Tingley

Charlie and Debbie talk about the alleged racist rant of Los Angeles Clippers Owner Donald Sterling; Charlie discusses U.S. Navy week in St. Louis with Lt. Andrew Tingley; Charlie also talks with Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Jo Becker and with New York Times Bestselling Author Nathaniel Philbrick.


Blue Angels Are Back

Saturday’s show was in California. They’ll be in Chesterfield, May 3-4.


Lt. Comdr. James Gennari (right) helps with patient who arrived with RPG in leg

St. Louis Navy Man Helps Remove Live Explosive From Marine’s Leg

“If the grenade was going to blow up, it was going to blow up.”


Airliner, Getty Images

Military and Commerical Jets on a Diet of Biofuel?

Boeing supports the efforts and says their commercial jets can handle the green fuel and actually are more efficient when burning the blended fuel.


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