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Measles Make it to Illinois; How Safe are Children in St. Louis?

“If a baby gets the measles, it could be absolutely devastating,” says SLU Care pediatrician Dr. Ken Haller. “That’s why it’s just really incumbent on everyone to make sure that anyone who can get vaccinated, does get vaccinated.”


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Measles Outbreak: To Vaccinate Or Not Vaccinate

With the potential to affect thousands, the recent outbreak of measles in the U.S. has placed a spotlight on a debate that’s raged for years.


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Measles Outbreaks Worry Health Officials

New numbers from the Centers for Disease Control show there are more cases of measles this year in the United States than any other year since 1996.


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SLU Pediatrician Criticizes Vaccine Skeptics After Measles Outbreak

“It is really important, as parents, if you have fears for your kid’s safety, for those fears to be rational,” SLU Care pediatrician Dr. Ken Haller says.



Free Whooping Cough Vaccinations Available This Week

“It’s a very violent disease as far as the cough goes. The cough is persistent, it doesn’t go away. You cough so violently that you have difficulty breathing.”



Alton High Schooler Has First Confirmed Whooping Cough Case

Students have until Oct. 1 to get vaccinated or be kept out of class.


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Rising Flu Numbers Prompt Local Health Warning

Flu season could stretch into May, VNA cautions.


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118 Measles Cases Reported This Year

About 90 percent of the cases this year were un-vaccinated.


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