Gov. Rauner Vetoes Illinois Union Arbitration Bill``My action today defends taxpayers who are being denied their voice at the bargaining table,'' Rauner said in his veto.
Hillary Clinton Campaigns in St. Louis"We give investment and tax benefits to American companies that want to put jobs in America instead of sending them overseas," Clinton says.
65,000 Ill. Employees Might Miss a Payday WednesdayIll. Attorney General says the comptroller can’t pay workers if there’s not an approved budget to pay them from.
Fed Cites Mixed Bag of News for St. Louis Regional EconomyThe latest quarterly report from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis suggests that wages are stagnant in the region.
Auto Union Fuels Nixon's Funds After Right to Work VetoMo., representative says Governor Nixon accepted $50,000 for his veto of the Right to Work bill.
Missouri Senate Republicans Force Passage of Right to Work Missouri Senate Republicans have used a rare procedural motion to shut down debate and pass a "right-to-work'' measure.
Restaurant Owners React to Pi's Raised Minimum WageThe minimum wage is going up—voluntarily—to $10.10 an hour at the Pi Pizzeria restaurants. But how do local restaurant owners feel about it?
Medicaid Expansion In Missouri Could Mean 24,000 New JobsThe Department of Economic Development projects the new jobs would bring in $9.9 billion in new wages.
Goodwill Industries Criticized for Workshop WagesThe National Federation of the Blind is calling for a boycott until the workers' wages are increased.
Kinder: Wages Could Limit Joplin Rebuilding EffortFederal wage rules nearly tripled the amount a carpenter in Joplin would make.

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