Winter Storm

Photo of the Mississippi River in St. Louis, January 6, 2014. (KMOX/Carol Daniel)

What Is A Polar Vortex?

So what’s to blame for this extreme cold we are seeing all across the nation? Experts call it a polar vortex.


(Getty Images/ Spencer Platt)

250 Homeless Sought Shelter from the Extreme Cold

Another 250 homeless sought shelter during the day Monday. Organizers at the city’s community center at 12th and Park had to look to the St. Louis County for help accommodating the overflow.



Frostbite Cases Reported in St. Louis

Two St. Louis hospitals have treated nearly a dozen frostbite cases from this week’s blast of article air.



Business Closings in St. Louis-Area

Several businesses and government centers are closed Tuesday due to icy roads and extremely cold conditions.



Fatal Accident Shuts Down EB I-44 at Grand

One person was killed in a wreck Monday involving a semi truck on Interstate 44 in south St. Louis.


File photo of a snow plow. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

6 Car Versus Plow Accidents Reported in Illinois

If as clearing the snow and ice from Illinois roads and interstates wasn’t bad enough, Illinois plows are now dealing with impatient motorists.


Side street in south St. Louis on Jan 6, 2014. (KMOX/Tanya Sinkovits)

St. Louis to Send Salt Trucks Up the Side Streets

Side streets in St. Louis City and county are snow-packed and icy this morning, but that will hopefully change, according to regional leaders.


(Getty Images/Spencer Platt)

Nearly 200 Homeless Seek Relief from Bitter Cold

It’s too dangerous to stay outside!’ That’s why many volunteers, including Ray Redlich with the New Life Evangelistic Center, spent much of the night looking to bring the homeless inside or provide whatever help they needed.


MetroLink Sign

Extreme Cold/Snow Causes Problems for MetroLink

Extreme cold is also affecting the MetroLink system and causing serious delays Monday morning.


Photo: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

Ameren Missouri Opens Emergency Center

The utility says the hardest hit areas are in Franklin County, where 1,234 customers were without power as of 6 a.m. Monday.




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