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ISIS militants captured a Jordanian pilot from the U.S.-led coalition after his F-16 fighter jet crashed during a mission. As Debora Patta reports, there is growing concern over the pilot's welfare.
The mayor of Berkeley, Missouri, is appealing for calm following a violent protest that began after a white police officer shot and killed a black teenager who police say was armed with a gun. Vladimir Duthiers reports.
Sony's "The Interview" is now playing at your fingertips. The company decided to release a director's cut version for people to stream online. Sony's decision comes after days of backlash. Ben Tracy reports.
The CDC released a statement Wednesday saying that it may have made mistakes which could have exposed a worker to the Ebola virus at their lab in Atlanta. Bob Orr reports.
Eric Fisher, WBZ's chief meteorologist, tracks the rain and wind that's still expected to impact parts of the Northeast.
Violent storms struck just as millions were preparing to celebrate the holidays, killing at least four in Mississippi Tuesday night. Jericka Duncan reports.
The FAA has created a video telling drone users what they can and cannot do with their flying machines
We dug into the CBS News archives to find a story on one of the first hacks of its kind. A man who went be the name "Captain Midnight" interrupted a movie on HBO with a message that bewildered viewers and alarmed the cable industry.
Deadly virus sample was sent to a less-secure lab by mistake; technician will be monitored for symptoms
NYPD increases security at some stationhouses and arrests at least 4 people over threats to police after deadly shootings of two officers

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