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Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who has refused to grant same-sex marriage licenses, has been taken into custody
County clerk has repeatedly defied court orders by refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses
Migrants fleeing conflict in the Middle East have overwhelmed a Budapest train station
British journalists were arrested on terror-related charges; their assistant remains in jail; strong protests from media rights advocates
Officials say the spill was caused by the collision of two tow boats near Paducah, Kentucky
The service industry is expanding, Sony reaches settlement over security breach, looking back at CVS's cigarette decision and more
Justice Department says weak leadership, excessive force - and even a poor social media strategy - marked police response
Clinton's email controversy, the GOP loyalty pledge, Bush and Trump battling and more
A federal judge has ruled in favor of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, overturning his four-game suspension
Research ship, called the Yanter, making its way down the East Coast heading towards Cuba; equipped with submersible

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