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A fight between several costumed characters broke out in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard while hundreds of tourists were on the busy sidewalks. Suzanne Marques reports.
The pooch was moved from the home of Nina Pham to a decommissioned naval air base, where he's under monitoring
Many industry experts say too few students are learning computer code. Beaver Country Day School in Brookline, Mass., is hoping to change that by incorporating coding into every class. Paula Ebben reports.
The family of slain Bell Gardens mayor Daniel Crespo says his wife shot him "with malice and in cold blood," she claims self-defense
Report finds thousands of students received artificially inflated grades in what an investigator called a "shadow curriculum"
"The bottom line is that we have to keep our guard against Ebola," CDC director says
Barbara Coombs Lee, president of non-profit organization Compassion & Choices, explains why Brittany Maynard has made a clear distinction about her actions not being suicidal. The organization provides guidance and resources about aid in dying
Barbara Coombs Lee walks through Brittany Maynard's difficult and long process of preparing for death. Compassion & Choices is a non-profit organization that provides guidance and resources about aid in dying.
The deadly 2007 shootings triggered an international uproar over the role of defense contractors in urban warfare
Darren Vann's refusal to respond to the judge prompted her to warn him he'd spend "the rest of his life in jail" unless he cooperates

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