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Locals say Islamic State militants have demolished a half dozen of Mosul's most revered holy places in last week
Hamas blames Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip, as Israel says it won't let Hamas rearm itself; more than 1,000 Palestinian civilians and 43 Israeli soldiers dead
Sicilian, 29, called himself "a flag-bearer of anti-doing" during the race; first Italian in 16 years to win cycling's biggest race
The recent extension of Iranian nuclear talks freed up revenue for Tehran to send to militants in the Gaza strip, the House Intelligence Committee chairman said
Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal denounces Israeli "occupiers" to CBS News, adding: "We do not actually fight the Jews because they are Jews per se"
As U.S. officials claim evidence of Russia firing artillery into Ukraine, Ukrainian army attempts to cut off rebel supply lines
Texas doctor and North Carolina aid worker test positive for deadly and incurable disease; situation getting "more and more scary," official says
The Israeli prime minister said his country is not obliged to uphold truce agreements that the militant group keeps violating
Tragic cruise liner eased into Genoa's port, where it will be scrapped after search for missing Indian waiter, the only body of 32 victims never found
10 days after Malaysia plane shot down over Ukraine, international police team kept back from securing human remains and debris; evidence of missile blast grows