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Relics of beloved pope are gaining heightened significance - as well as a surge of veneration – before he is declared a saint
Photo exhibition marks one-year anniversary of the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory, where the death toll was more than 1,100
Costa Rican gov’t wants to know why U.S. launched secret social network from its soil, citing possible “illegalities”
Nancy Kissel convicted twice for murder of her wealthy banker husband in 2003, facing life in prison
Gov’t official says police “freed” city hall in Mariupol in “anti-terror” operation as Russia warns of “consequences”
American nurse also wounded but reportedly stable after officer meant to protect hospital opens fire on long-serving U.S. pediatrician and his guests
Alan Gross says he believes intervention by the Obama administration is his last hope
Alan Gross, who was jailed in Cuba 4 1/2 years ago on charges of smuggling communications equipment into the island on behalf of a USAID program, remains hopeful that President Obama will make his imprisonment an issue with the Cuban government, says his lawyer Scott Gilbert.
John XXIII, fondly remembered as the "Good Pope," ushered in a modern Catholic Church in the 1960s

Pope John Paul II

A look at the life and papacy of Pope John Paul II