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Funneling of migrants over remote border crossing may be organized and could possibly be classed as human trafficking
County declared itself Ebola free last week after battling the rare, deadly disease, only to see a new case pop up
Unstable antenna forces police to close off a number of blocks in financial district for an "extended period of time"
Spanish TV says blasts in the aftermath of the main explosion initially hindered a search operation for missing people
Jozef Wesolowski went on trial in a Holy See courtroom not long before he died on child sexual abuse charges's top ten trending stories for August 31, 2015
Author and scholar, 77, became third critic of superstitions and idol worship in three years to be killed in India
Investigation launched after Egyptian cleric is accused of changing a line in the traditional Islamic call to prayer
Video shows bears standing on hind legs and clinging to bars to stay above muddy water; brown bears and a lion trapped
Nazi concentration camp museum's attempt to cool down visitors at the entrance on a hot day was not particularly well thought-out, some say

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