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Two days after the massive quake shook cities and villages across the Himalayan country, at least 2700 were among the dead
The Israeli military struck after it said troops saw terrorists approaching the border with weapons intended to target Israel's troops
Shinzo Abe, in the United States promoting ties between the two countries is one of several leaders from Asia who will visit this year
A girl with leukemia who dismissed from a Catholic school in Michigan because she missed too many classes was invited back, but issues still exist
Several medical and search-and-rescue teams are on their way to Nepal to give humanitarian and emergency assistance
American law enforcement officials have been warned of a possible ISIS terror plot against the U.S. military and law enforcement facilities. Jeff Pegues reports on the developments.
Nearly 3 years after 12 people were massacred at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, gunman James Holmes goes on trial tomorrow. His lawyers will argue he was insane at the time, but as Barry Petersen reports, that could be a hard sell.
Authorities say at least 2,000 people are confirmed dead after Saturday's massive earthquake in Nepal. Strong aftershocks continued Sunday amid the search for survivors. Holly Williams reports.
The family of former American hostage Warren Weinstein paid a $250,000 ransom in a failed attempt to secure his freedom. The news comes as U.S. officials are finishing their review of how the government handles hostages cases. Julianna Goldman reports.
There is a search for survivors from the quake-triggered avalanche on Mount Everest after it buried a mountain base camp packed with hikers for the spring climbing season. Charlie D'Agata reports.