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Authorities say 200 workers were deployed in southern Baja California to restore power and water
Government troops and pro-Russian militants agreed to separate themselves by several miles
A day after Scots vote to stay linked with the rest of Great Britain, the war of words has softened to chatter at the local pub
Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta tells "60 Minutes" why he thinks ISIS was able to flourish in Syria and then in Iraq

What am I seeing?

Some photos need an explanation. These are some of our favorites from recent weeks
Eight months after winning Australian Open, Chinese ace bows out; had huge impact on growth of sport in Asia
One year after deadly assault, many of Nairobi's shopping areas remain protected by unarmed, poorly trained security guards
Andy Murray and David Cameron among those affected by Scotland's independence referendum
Police say that Tommy Schaefer told them he killed his girlfriend's mother and that she helped dispose of the woman's body
Gas chambers have been unearthed in Poland at the the site of the Nazi's Sobibor death camp

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